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General FAQs...

What are Home Salvage Auctions, PowerHouses, and Leftovers, and how do they work?

What are Murco's Terms of Sale?

I've never been to a Murco auction, what are they like?

Information for Buyers...

What do I need to bring to an auction?

What forms of payment are accepted?

Who removes my purchases?

Will I be able to see the auction materials in person before bidding?

Where are the auctions and sales held?

I want to bid on something but I can't make it to the auction. What can I do?

What is a buyer's premium?

Where are the minimum prices for auction items?

What happens to materials that don't sell at auction?

Where can I see everything available for sale?

I don't check your website everyday. Can I be alerted when you have stuff that I want?

What if the Wish List feature doesn't have a category of materials that I'm looking for?

Information for Sellers (people with materials)...

I'm demolishing or renovating my home and am interested in having Murco hold an auction or sell my stuff. How do I get the ball rolling?

If we have the market for the materials you are offering, we'll schedule an appointment to come to your property, record inventory and photos, and get the process going. If we determine that we're not your best option, we'll tell you so, and then we will help you explore other options for your materials.

Does Murco buy my materials outright?


I can't open the photo slideshows. What do I do?

I forgot my username and/or password to my account. What do I do?

I accidentally unsubscribed from the newsletters. How can I subscribe again?

Odds and Ends...

Is Murco hiring?

I have a fundraiser, charity event, or other function that needs an auctioneer. Does Jodi do these types of auctions?

Who's the voice behind

I'm a big fan of LinkedIn. Are you guys on there?

What happened to Total Wrecklamation? I loved that show!

What's with the funny names on the newsletters? Who are these people?

What vitamins does Jodi take?

Still need some answers? Contact us via email at or call us at 708.352.4111